Holidays in Kerala India with Vishram Village, specials offers for holidays and packages in Kerala India

Holidays in Kerala India with Vishram Village

You wish to enjoy your vacations in Kerala  India? Vishram Village offers you packages in India in Kerala. Vishram Village is located at Edava in Kerala State one hour from Trivandrum and not long from Kochi. Edava is situated at two kilometres of the sea by the lake ride.

VishramVillage is located on a green hill whose slopes slowly head down to the banks of Hariharapuram salt lake, 15 minutes-sail from the sand beach of Kapill and 4 kilometres from Varkala

During your stay in Kerala in India you’ll be accommodated in luxury and peaceful bungalows in a charming environment full of flowers, birds and coconut trees.

To take advantage of specials offers of packages of holidays in Kerala India, please visit Vishram Village website with a click here, and start for your trip in Kerala India, you’ll be enchanted.

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